Obtaining your VISA to come to Baku: 


You are kindly requested to do it yourself online, and it takes 3 working days to have your VISA.: 

* Go here: https://evisa.gov.az/en/ 

* Click on “Single entry VISA” 

* Purpose – Science 

* Fill out your personal information (your address in Baku is the address of the hotel in which you wish to stay). You will also have to upload a JPG of your passport. 

* Once you have validated your email address, you will be asked to pay 20 USD plus a Service fee (varies depending on your country). 

* You should have your VISA in 3 working days. 

* Validity period of the passport should be at least 3 months more than the validity period of the electronic visa planned to be issued: https://evisa.gov.az/en/apply-faq 

To-and-from the airport: 

By bus: “Aero Express” buses run from Terminals 1 and 2 to Baku Railway Station (“28 May” m/s) from 06:00 in the morning to 01:00 at night. On the way from the airport to Baku Railway Station, the bus stops at Surakhani Bridge and “Koroglu” m/s. The journey time from the airport to Baku Railway Station is 30 minutes. Please note that bus departure times may vary depending on weather conditions and traffic density.  

By taxi: The stand of “Baku Taxi”, a state taxi service, is located at the exit of Terminal 1. You can order a taxi from the kiosk located in Terminal 1, as well as through the 1000 Call Center or mobile application. In addition, you can use other applications to book other taxis(Uber, Bolt, 189Taxi, Uklon or YandexTaxi).  

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