5 June  2024

Field guides: Grigorii Akhmanov (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Clara Jodry (UFAZ) 

Mud volcanoes are the surface manifestation of internal fluid dynamics and deep hydrocarbon-bearing sedimentary basins undergoing compressive tectonics. They discharge at the surface a three phased system (gas, water and sediments) mixed with oils and rock fragments. Azerbaijan has over 350 mud volcanoes on-shore and off-shore, providing an excellent opportunity to study this unique and fascinating geological object. The field trip will take the participants to three mud volcanoes in the vicinity of Baku which are Dashgil, Goturdagh and Saribogha. An expert of the field will guide them through the genesis of mud volcanoes and explain the processes involved as well as present the current research, underlining their importance  in regards to energy resource exploration, geo-hazard and atmospheric budget of greenhouse gases.

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